Is Koos fit to serve? He forgot the words to the Pledge

By:  Diane Benjamin

As a veteran one would think Chris Koos has said the Pledge of Allegiance so many times it would be impossible to forget.  Last night he couldn’t remember the words, maybe because it was at: “One Nation Under God”.

Also note instead of saying the Pledge, Chemberly Cummings put a sign on her computer screen.  As pointed out during Public Comment by Doug Fansler, peon citizens aren’t allowed to have signs in the Council Chamber but Cummings can.  Obviously justice is not equal, Chemberly can do whatever she wants to.  Although she would be a perfect fit with the other Springfield goons who think the same way, please don’t vote for her in November.

Another SHORT video, Karyn Smith had to cue him:

Koos blamed age.  If that fopah was caused by age he needs to retire now.

Two stories and I’m only 5 minutes into the meeting.

10 thoughts on “Is Koos fit to serve? He forgot the words to the Pledge

  1. Normal’s government is populated by a clique of junior high school children with the sole exception of one rational adult businessman who gets constantly shouted down when he calls out the children on their failures, delusions, and nefarious activities. The kids need spanked and sent to their rooms next election.

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  2. Skip the sick Council videos and watch this one by the late great Charlie Daniels, a true patriot. RIP

    “What the world needs is a few more Rednecks.”

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  3. I don’t think koos EVER knew the words to the pledge. Like mr tari, he just fakes things. Like being a caring person.


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