I’m a proud Conspiracy Theorist, residents of Normal should be too

By: Diane Benjamin

This meme popped up on Facebook about the same time The Normal Town Council proved it to be true:

Start with the Work Session Normal had on December 7th to decide whether to create an ordinance to enforce Pritzker’s non-enforceable Restore Illinois waste of paper. See the video in this story: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/08/normal-isnt-shutting-down-businesses-for-violations/

Go to 4:58. Pam Reece wondered if the Council is interested in PENALTIES.

Go to 6:00. Pam Reece talks about a “carrot” approach.

Now for what happened last night:

If Restore Illinois is law the Town of Normal wouldn’t need an ordinance to enforce it. Most on the Council refuse to understand that.

Watching the faces on Zoom is priceless. I almost think they should stay on Zoom instead of in person so the disgust for common sense is readily apparent.

Go to 54:20. The discussion of this ordinance has been going on for awhile at this point. The proposed ordinance states liquor license fees will be waived next year as long as the establishment complies with Restore Illinois. The (last term) Mayor decides to put his own spin on it: He thinks this is the Town’s way of supporting small businesses. He doesn’t want the words punishment and rewards used in the discussion. He thinks the ordinance isn’t meant to do either.

Keep listening – next Stan Nord proposes an amendment to remove any language requiring compliance to get the fees waived. The vote was 6-1 to keep the PUNISHMENT in the ordinance.

Yes, folks we are all conspiracy theorists for using their own words and votes!

See 58:30 Stan Nord again. He asked what the Town response will be if an establishment chooses to pay the license fee and stay open. Attorney Brian Day states the police will still be used to harass those who don’t comply. The Koos statement of 11/2 where he stated complaints would be forwarded to the Health Department was also a lie. The Town is choosing to inflict as much pain as possible on those who aren’t kneeling before them. Next week a hearing will be held to fine one that is not complying. Later Stan Nord wasn’t allowed to discuss what other Illinois cities are doing by Chris Koos, soon after Pam Reece compared Normal to Bloomington. Koos was silent. (hypocrisy!)

The Town of Normal is holding a carrot in one hand and a sledge hammer in the other. Entrepreneurs struggling to survive get to pick a hand.

Jump to 1:05:00. Pam Reece proclaims the ordinance isn’t a bribe because that would be illegal.

The Council had the opportunity to remove the penalties for non-compliance with Pritzker. They did not do it. Therefore they are bribing local businesses to comply!

Kevin McCarthy, Chemberly Cummings, and Scott Preston will be on the April ballot. Of course Koos will be too. All conspiracy theorists need to show up and vote! Wear the badge proudly.

The rest of the meeting didn’t get any better.

12 thoughts on “I’m a proud Conspiracy Theorist, residents of Normal should be too

  1. Just aftter the mayor shut Nord down by saying we must limit discussion to the town of Normal, Reece compared Normal’s approach to Bloomington’s to justify Normal’s approach. The mayor should have stepped in and told her we care only about Normal. So no surprise here, Stan can not compare Normal to other communities while Reece gets a pass. Could/should Stan have called this out? Obviously Reece wants to play only their rules so when they go outside of those rules they should have it publically thrown in their face.

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  2. So I’m confused. is there now a law or ordinance against indoor dinning or just an ordinance that gives a relief package (no liquor fee) for agreeing to not do in door dinning?


    1. Reading this while eating a delicious meal at Cornerstone Restaurant in Eureka. Take a short drive in the country and stop for a great meal at any of several small town restaurants which are open. Busy Corner in Congerville has a cookie dough cheesecake for cheesecake lovers to try.

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  3. I am an INFORMATION ANALYST of which those who have no facts to refute my findings might call me a conspiracy theorist due to their own ignorance as they ridicule reality.

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  4. Here in Tennessee all bars, restaurants and businesses open and operating. That’s the difference between a liberal dictator and a conservative GOVERNOR! Think about it when voting.

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    1. LEFTIST, Not LIBERAL! Just like illegal aliens are not ‘immigrants’, standard firearms are not ‘assault weapons’, and riots with less than 50% destructive participation are not ‘mostly peaceful protests’, leftists who Pretend to be about helping others Are Not Liberals!
      Liberal has the same root as Liberty, and liberals are about freedom. Thomas Jefferson was a liberal. I am a liberal. Very few current politicians are liberals.

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