Progressives never stop

By: Diane Benjamin

Creating new words and pushing social changes is what progressives do. Shortly they will change from “progressive” as Americans push back, if they already haven’t. Once they think normalizing this agenda has happened they will move on to their next agenda item.

District 87:

Kids aren’t allowed to be kids. Teachers aren’t allowed to just teach, they are required to adopt strategies making them psychologists and counselors. After a year of less than adequate education, a first grade class read a book about 2 daddies and 2 mommies. 6 years olds went home asking questions having nothing to do with learning to read, write, and do math.

Jackie Gunderson, defeated mayor and County Board candidate has another agenda. She compiled a Power Point presentation that was sent to all staff at Bloomington High School. Why she has any power is unknown but “Diversity and Inclusion” gave her a two day platform:

Tim Moore then sent the presentation to the entire BHS staff:

The presentation:

I’m only posting this so parents know what is happening in their school. Gunderson has lots of statistics, page 7 claims only 48% of 13-20 year olds are completely hetrosexual.


You are in charge of your child’s education. This is for information only. I do know of one family who has pulled their kids from public school. Nobody is pro-bullying kids, teachers should be able to intervene without trying to keep track of the correct pronouns. I see more bullying for teens going through teen stuff because of this agenda. (Just my opinion)

Teens have enough problems becoming adults, what they really need is an education not an agenda because they are a captive audience. Since Unit 5 hired a Diversity and Inclusion person this might be happening there too.

I expect to be deleting comments, my site – my right. Start your own site if you disagree.

14 thoughts on “Progressives never stop

  1. Crap like this will do infinitely more harm than good, all around, to everyone subjected to it. But then, I suppose that’s the point.


  2. How does Tim Moore get a job as a school principal, when he can’t construct a sentence that is grammatically correct? He should be ashamed to put something like this over his signature.

    “I wanted to pass along a message from Jackie as long (sic) as a couple of resources she shared.”

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  3. Good morning children, lets all talk about how we prefer to have our sex today.

    Let’s just say Don’t Bully and leave it at that.
    Thankyou very much.

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  4. Your comment would have been posted it it hadn’t devolved into personal attacks. Who is the bully now?


    1. Please inform me what an e-mail wording that a local principal posted has to do with the subject at hand? Nothing.

      It’s interesting that those you agree with can post all kinds of personal attacks, it’s standard on this blog. If it’s something you don’t agree with, you have also engaged in personal attacks calling people who comment on here with opinions that you don’t like as “clueless”, “brain dead”, “communist”, Marxist, socialist et al.

      You have used this subject of LBGT rights to repeatedly to demonize gay people and those who are transgender. The presentation was for teachers not students. I guess the truth is too much for you to contemplate.


      1. @Chase Reader: Quote, “Please inform me what an e-mail wording that a local principal posted has to do with the subject at hand? Nothing.”

        It goes to his credibility. A principal in a high school should at least be able to communicate correctly. He is trying to influence his staff to view she/her’s information. If I were one of the teacher’s it would get deleted as soon as I saw the crap grammar, all the while wondering, how did he get this job. He is an uneducated educator. Do see the problem here?

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  5. Funny how “straight” people don’t say to little Joey or Suzy, “Dear, your daddy and I last night had a great time, and we’re going to have a baby sister/brother. WHAT ever happened to the good old days???


  6. Of course they want additional. Somehow, somewhere, they got the misimpression that everyone else is responsible for creating the reality they want. That they’re entitled to that, and everyone should be forced to follow their script. Not having the guts or fortitude to create their own reality, believe it, earn it, and defend it like everyone else. But they don’t want to earn it, they want it handed to them and enforced through rules and punishment. I know some trans people (older) of all colors in New York City who are forces of nature and didn’t need any rules to get respect and success at many levels. I suggest that some of these purported aggrieved “trans” people go learn a thing or two from the people who earned it and live it authentically. But frankly, most won’t because saying that you’re “trans” right now makes you cutting-edge special and protected. Auto-victim status.

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    1. JM Ghost,
      One aspect of the new woke “reality” is that they have decided to judge all of the people of world according to a power ranking so that they can then target the unfairness of not being a white male. Critical Theory

      Then that enables them to release all kinds of pent up animosity and anger at certain people. They are most happy when they can make others feel bad. (bullies)

      But it requires that we take them seriously.
      Sadly our schools have been employed by the woke to do that.
      “Please sit in your chairs children while we torment you about not bullying.”

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