Is your school teaching Marxist Social Justice?

By: Diane Benjamin

Judicial Watch obtained the below from a Maryland public school.

Since public schools are controlled by the left, you need to find out if this is being taught to your kids:

If you voted for Trump, you are a racist.

If you deny white privilege, you are a racist.

If you believe in the teachings of Martin Luther King, you are a racist.

If you are against illegal immigration, you are a racist.

If you believe English is the official language and being proficient is the only path to success, you are a racist.

If you believe the sins of ancestors don’t fall on their descendents, you are a racist.

If you believe not guilty ancestors didn’t pass guilt to their descendents, you are a racist.

If you believe Christopher Columbus’ history has been re-written, you are racist.

If you believe the United States has always been driven to “form a more perfect union”, you are a racist.

Public Schools are teaching your kids that being white is evil, people of color can’t succeed, and therefore the Constitution must be overthrown.

If this is in Maryland you can bet it is in Illinois.

Parents need to get the curriculum being taught. This chart has nothing to do with justice, it has everything to do with critical race theory.





13 thoughts on “Is your school teaching Marxist Social Justice?

  1. I’m expecting a teachers’ revolt.
    I could not go to work each day for an organization that was providing a product for children that poisonous to their health.

      1. Yes, it is also not healthy for teachers to lie to themselves.
        It’s like building a car that you know is unsafe. How do you justify that? You must become a horribly immoral person to do it.
        As a teacher you will have to consider innocent children’s lives expendable for you own financial security. You will not sleep at night.

  2. Since denial of racism is supposed to be WHITE SUPREMACY according to this chart, does that mean that all the black folks that have said they’ve never experienced racism are now white supremacists? What kind of mental midget smooth brain came up with this stupid shit?

    Every single time I read something about this bullshit, I feel my brain cells dying off one by one from the sheer weight of the stupidity.

  3. It’s too bad that some dumb ass SOMEWHERE don’t have ANYTHING better to do then draw up a graph like this and then stick all kinds of divisive labels on it.. Bet it was a demonrat who come up with this, just so he/she could perpetuate their career of being a “smartie-smart”
    This IS the dumbest thing I’ve seen since snorkels for water polo horses!

  4. Most current school boards have shown that their primary goal is Not the best interests of the children. Unless you know a specific board member or school official actively advocated for the kids’ best interests rather than politics, personal popularity, etc. they need to go. *Now* is the time to start working.
    *Actively Support* good candidates.
    *Actively Recruit* good candidates.
    *Actively Become* good candidates.

  5. So you’re saying that they can’t even discuss these topics? Lynching, burning crosses are all very real historical subjects along with the controversy of Christopher Columbus. You and Judicial Watch have taken a current event graphic out of context to inject your outrage.

    Judicial Watch and you are trying to censer what kids can and can’t be taught. Also those subjects have noting to do with Marxism.

      1. Lynching and burning crosses along with Jim Crow in the South is hilarious? No, they are a historical reality that you seem to want to white wash. You can not talk about African American progress without talking about how African Americans had to fight for that progress while being oppressed. Nor the fact that they are still fighting for that progress.

        You also can’t talk about current events without talking about the negative aspects of what happened in 2020 elections. Your attempt at the Pollyannaism of American history doesn’t do children who are learning about that history any favors. There are many, many facets of American history that are dark, like slavery along with the resulting racism.

        If you say that during a current event class in Social Studies, students can’t be exposed to certain ideas, then yes, that is in effect censorship. That is not too far from how children are taught in authoritarian governments.

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