Updated Covid breakthrough Illinois cases

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is the updated chart based on the Illinois Department of Public Health numbers: https://dph.illinois.gov/covid19/vaccine/vaccine-breakthrough.html

The last time I updated the chart was November 15th.

Click the link – the breakthrough cases are largely in people 65 and over. 27% of hospitalizations and 13% of deaths are in the 18-64 age group. Below 18 is ZERO in hospitalizations and deaths.

Instead of vaccinating people when it doesn’t prevent COVID, why isn’t government concentrating on treatments? (We aren’t allowed to ask, meaning no science is being used. It’s also cheaper.)

30 thoughts on “Updated Covid breakthrough Illinois cases

  1. A “breakthrough” case is really a symptom of ADE. They have the start of Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Because they have ADE they will not have any resistance to ANY of the variants. And even if they get sick they will not get ANY long-term immunity from other variants. They will continue to get sick. They will continue to get sicker with each new infection. The links below will explain what is happening. “Breakthrough” is BS and they know it but it sounds like the variant was just so strong that it “broke” through the vaccine wall. What is really happening is the virus is not being recognized by the immune system and then the immune system actually aids the variant virus in infecting its host. All of the vaccinated folks are headed for autoimmune diseases and zero natural immunity. Their immune systems are slowly being destroyed by the MRNA injections (this is not a vaccine).

    “Breakthrough” Cases in the Vaccinated Population Are Actually Symptoms of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Caused by the Covid-19 Vaccines


    Anyone who wants to know more about ADE should click on this link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1201971220307311


    1. The first article you cite is written by an author who appears to be best known for writing books claiming the Earth is flat. Not sure how much credibility I would give to someone who in 2021 still hasn’t accepted that the Earth is indeed round.


      1. Yes, the Earth is round, but it’s also flat like a dinner plate. The Arctic is in the center and Antarctica is a wall of ice and snow that surrounds the “rim”. It’s not a ball, sphere or a globe like the indoctrination centers have taught us. Google “Gleason1892 map” to see what Earth actually looks like. Also, if you look closely at the U.N. logo, you will see a flat Earth map. There is a reason government controls indoctrination (aka education). It’s to keep the peons ignorant about many things, which makes it easier to manipulate, control and take advantage of them. .


      2. Go ahead and take the booster then, if that is what your cognitive dissonance is forcing you to believe. We will be here watching what happens to you (and others). You need to trust your version of the science.


  2. Interesting info! I truly believe the numbers you shared prove the effectiveness, not the ineffectiveness, of the vaccine. Please see my analysis below:

    Since 4/28/21, 1,043 vaxxed Illinoisans have died of Covid.
    Since 4/28/21 about 5,220 total Illinoisans have died of Covid
    Meaning 4,170 unvaxxed Illinoisans have died of Covid.

    The differences between vaxxed and unvaxxed death rates look even further distanced.

    Assuming Illinois (12.5M people) is 65% vaxxed; Then we have 8.1M vaxxed and 4.4M unvaxxed
    A death rate for vaxxed would be 0.13 (1,043/8.1M)
    A death rate for unvaxxed would be 0.95 (4,170/4.4M)

    The death rate for unaxxed is 7 times (86% effective in preventing Covid death) that of the vaxxed. Meaning that an additional 7,000 Illinoisans would be dead without the vaxx.

    If we only included adults in this analysis (excluding minors with low death rate (thankfully!) and low vaxx rate (vaxx rollout timeline)) it is almost certain that this ratio will look more like the vaxx efficiency number reported (90-98% effective in preventing Covid deaths) by the vaxx manufacturers and CDC.
    Please let me know if you’d like to see that math.

    We all wish treatments were further along, and the vaxxs were even more effective. But we have to act with the best knowledge, medicine and science currently available.

    I hope this helped clear up some confusion


    1. Treatments are available, but they are too cheap to be used by the obamacare medical community that must obey rather than “do no harm”. Second, survival rate is ridiculously high, why are the sheep lining up for an experiment? Over 65 I can understand, everybody else should run the other way.


  3. I am not an expert in ‘obamacare medical community’ and how medicines are choosen. I’ll defer to you and other medical experts on that.

    However I know quite a bit more about excess mortality and survival rates. Whether the survival rate is 0.5% or 2.5%, America did experience a rare substantial drop in life expectancy in 2020. Americans lost 2-3 years in life expectancy in 2020 (undoing 10-15 years of progress). In rural communities, where vaxx rates are lowest and Covid death rates are highest, life expectancy dropped 3-4 years.


  4. Unemployment, overdoses, over crowded hospitals and other effects of our response to Covid have contributed to the decline in life expectancy.

    If we look at the data; about 25% (125,000 non-covid excess death in 2020) of the decrease. But COVID (350,000 Covid death in 2020) is the other 75% of the decline.

    Let’s not get lost in the weeds. Treat this as a business problem and focus on solving the core problem, the 75%. If we focus on the core problem, I’m confident that the other cause will also decline.

    Lets continue to take Covid seriously, focus on the core problem, stop the spread (whether through social distancing or vaccinations). Let’s not exacerbate the decline in rural life expectancy.


  5. Agreed–There are a lot of problems with the media. And I think from our conversation we could make that better. Your opinion on 65+ year olds, your influence in non-MSM communities, and my data could make a difference.

    If we could convince 20 seniors to get vaccinated, we would statistically save a life. A family would not have to say ‘if we only have more time’

    Your next post be:

    Patriotic Americans, especially 50 year old+ (my data-minded edit): Please protect yourself and your communities. Meet with your doctor and ask about getting vaccinated. Consider the data in the post and help your loved ones


  6. Yes–you can still get vaccinated and die. And yes it is a choice–that is why I ask people should discuss this with their trusted medical profession.

    Did you already forget:

    ‘The death rate for unaxxed is 7 times (86% effective in preventing Covid death) that of the vaxxed. Meaning that an additional 7,000 Illinoisans would be dead without the vaxx.’

    There is a difference between playing Russian Roulette with 50 chambers vs. 500 chambers. Please tell me you understand risk.

    Or your next headline will be: Half of America cancels their doctors and chooses to live shorter lives


  7. Please provide data when you post. Terms like ‘raging’ don’t mean much and are symbolic of the hyperbolic MSM media we both deride.

    Per 1M residents over the past 7 days
    Portugal cases: 2,150
    Portugal Death: 9

    USA cases: 1,788
    USA Death: 18


    I’d say cases in the USA are almost as raging and deaths in USA are doubly raging. I think we can both agree that cases that don’t result in death (mainly vaccinated as provided with data above) is preferable to those that result in death. This is a pandemic because of the death, the excess mortality. Spread of a less lethal virus (as seen in vaxxed individuals) is more like a flu season. Deaths, but not a pandemic, and drops in life expectancy.

    Again: Vaccines help with spread and deaths. And no one is saying that behavioral differences don’t matter (Portugal has been living with fewer restrictions recently, not surprising that there are more cases)


      1. Yes–and Illinois 12M (roughly the size of Portugal 11M) currently has 400 Covid patients in the ICU. Illinois has 35% unvaxxed and Portugal has 10-20% unvaxxed. I’m an not surprised that Portugal has 100 people in the ICU compared to Illinois.

        I wish the article differentiated between vaxxed and unvaxxed ICU patients. Tell me your thoughts on where that would land.

        Additionally, I wish waning immunity wasn’t a thing, but it is. And waning immunity is something I’m sure Portugal will take seriously to combat Covid deathes.

        Please stop falling for sensational MSM headlines, and not understanding the data. You’re making my points for me.


  8. You tell me. I’m sure you would have said it was fake-MSM news if I posted it.

    But on a serious note, please engage me on the content I posted

    less vaxx = more ICU = more death


      1. Again, please provide sources.

        Or for a real world test case: Head to a local life insurance agent and disclose you’re unvaccinated, or been hospitalized for Covid, or sufferings from long Covid and see what happens to your rate. The professionals and the market has done the research.

        From my inital post:
        Covid decreases life expectancy
        The vaccine effectively guards against that


  9. A freedom of information act request has just been granted to an organization called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency PHMPT.org to get documents from Pfizer concerning adverse events from 42,086 people (male and female) who first took the vaccination. This is data that Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep secret for over 50 years. Out of 42,086 people vaccinated 1223 died (see chart in below-linked documents). Pfizer and the FDA knew this in February of 2021 and still approved the “vaccine”. A judge has ordered Pfizer to release 500 pages of documents a month until all of the documents are released.

    See the first documents released here: https://phmpt.org/

    See the document that charts of adverse reactions here: https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf

    Yes, Pfizer and the FDA knew in February of 2021 that the vaccine was going to kill large numbers of Americans and they still approved it for mass vaccinations. All of these people are mass murderers.

    Don’t trust me. Look at the Freedom of Information documents that were just released and decide for yourself. Or you can believe what the government and their media are telling you or not telling you.

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  10. Great article that gives the details on how the government is paying (bribing) hospitals to gin up the CONvid-19 cases and to increase the number of CONvid-19 deaths, in order to scare people into lining up for the shots. This is criminal, and I hope some day these perps will be rounded up, prosecuted and locked up (or worse) for their crimes against humanity.



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