How much does Koos pay to drive the Town’s Rivian?

By: Diane Benjamin

The last time I FOIA’d how much Chris Koos was charged for using the Town’s Mitsubishi I received this:


I don’t know if $45 was listed as additional compensation on every check that year or just monthly. The point is he was paying something for having that vehicle permanently assigned to him.

When I FOIA’d the Town for how much Koos was paying for the Rivian I didn’t get anything close to the above. I received a policy written in 2004 that covers police, fire, and heavy equipment vehicles:

I tried to get clarification from the Clerk. I got no answers. If the Clerk was elected as required by State law I would have received an answer.

Let’s just say:

Chris Koos pays nothing for personal use of a non-government plated vehicle taxpayers paid almost $76,000 for.

Nice perk for a part-time job.

The 2004 directive is addressed to Department Heads. Koos isn’t a Department Head since the Council is elected. The policy also states personal use of vehicles can be authorized by the City Manager.

Since the Town provided no information to the contrary, let’s just say Pam Reece authorized Koos’ personal use of the Rivian. I can’t wait to see who gets personal use of the 2nd one.

Normal hasn’t figured out yet if FOIA’s don’t produce the information requested I will fill in the blanks myself. Prove me wrong, the Rivian certainly wasn’t “added to the fleet” as Karyn Smith claimed when the purchase was approved. Most of the Council was deceived, I wonder if they have noticed by now?

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  1. Clearly you are ignorant. (Sarcasm) Everyone knows that electric vehicles cost nothing to charge. It’s totally unreasonable for him to pay a dime for the use of a luxury car. Even though the green weenies have tripled my electric rate this year.

  2. I’m not a tax lawyer, but shouldn’t that be considered compensation, and thus subject to income taxes?

  3. One of the problems associated with attracting business, investment and employees is exactly this. It’s the same old lie, cheat, steal formula that the rest of the state has a reputation for. B/N is no longer a special place. It’s not even a place where investment makes sense. Some honesty, transparency and humility would go a long way. But …. There are signs it will happen. There is really only one crusader waging war (Nord). Nobody else stands for anything to aspire to. Apologies for sounding so cranky. I’d offer solutions but nobody wants that kind of change.

      1. Good question. Also wonder how much taxpayers will lose when Rivian can no longer compete and contribute to the local economy. Instead of diversity in economic development, leaders have rejected all but the “Hail Mary” play with Rivian. Apologies to the real Mary for bringing her into this.

    1. Community leaders were never interested in diversifying the economy. They anticipated that SF and CF would drive the economy forever. That said, those leading any efforts in that realm were a joke…a restauranteer, politicians, tenth tier insurance managers, and the same tired BN names. The few instances where companies took notice, the leaders did their best to screw it up. They were never serious about diversifying and glad to this day it never happened. You now see the results.

  4. The Rivian CEO was paid 2.2 Billion. Second highest automaker CEO pay! Just think what it would be if the company successful…… And all on borrowed money!

    1. $2.2 billion, could you cite this with a source? I am aware Scaringe was paid approximately $650,000 in salary and approximately $126,000 in perks. A lot of money? Yes. High for a CEO of a Company their size? No. Scaringe did receive incredibly sizable options ($152 million) but they only vest if Rivian’s stock price remains over $110 for a certain period of time. He would also get $89 million in options that will vest over six years. So far, nothing has vested and to date, those options are worthless.

      If Rivian performs, he is in line for a lot of money. As are most CEOs, CFOs, COOs, hedge fund managers, pro athletes/coaches.

      I hope the Rivian stock I bought for $16/share goes up. I have no grand visions of $100+/share, but I’m hoping it gets back in the 30s or 40s.

        1.”The most outrageous ceo salaries and perks”  I think it was for 2021 because I’ve seen the figures you mentioned.  And an explanation of why his pay tanked.Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

          1. Keep scrolling down in your article where it lists his actual salary and perks (the numbers I posted). What you indicated was inaccurate. Someone’s (highly fluctuating) net worth is not pay, not a salary, not compensation. It would be like saying Elon Musk has a salary of $200 billion a year.

            I get the concern with Rivian. I am angered with Koos treating the city like an ATM for lavish trips and a luxury vehicle. However, we all have to be careful of mistakenly reporting inaccurate or misleading information.

      1. At this point, be glad if you break even on.your initial investment. Plenty of stories out there already about the reliability of the Rivian product (i.e., features not working, wheel base malfunctions. passenger doors.improperly aligned, vehicles flipping over, batteries not charging, etc.).

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