Unit 5 and Social Studies

By: Diane Benjamin

Parent should be able to trust the schools they send their kids to. Unit 5 has proved they aren’t trustworthy. Remember the DEI employee cackling about what she gets to do?

How about their failure to save the training video for the 47 hires to fan out to all the schools and train people there, we still don’t know what they trained people to do: https://blnnews.com/2022/03/11/unit-5-dr-shelvin-and-the-cost-of-equity/

I could go on and on and on, but won’t.

Here’s the latest:

This map is schools in Illinois who have signed up with a group called Illinois Civics Hub. See the two lone locations in central Illinois? Those are Normal Community and Normal West. Both are Unit 5 schools. Why did they sign up with this group while no other area school districts have? How much did this cost?

See the map and Illinois Civics Hub here: https://www.illinoiscivics.org/democracy-schools/list-of-democracy-schools/

There is an extensive amount of information on that website. The most obvious problem is what they call participating schools: Democracy Schools.

We are not a democracy, I haven’t found the word Republic anywhere on the website yet. Democracy is mob rule, those who yell the loudest and threaten the most get their way while marginalizing everyone else.

Sound familiar?

The website has many references to Illinois statutes and JCAR rulings, it will take a long time to cross reference at least some. (Help!) The constant references to “democracy” mean this program is meant to create democrat activists. Does the School Board know Unit 5 signed up for this? It is hard to see any actual history in this curriculum.

There are alternatives to this indoctrination: https://thefederalist.com/2022/06/30/scholars-launch-social-studies-standards-to-counter-wokification-of-k-12/


“We need a curriculum anchored in American history,” Maranto emphasized, while still maintaining importance on educating the next generation of other civilizations. That’s exactly what the new standards from the National Association of Scholars seeks to accomplish, with lesson plans ranging from the colonial founding to the Greeks and Incas.

“You can’t really understand your own country without understanding other countries,” Maranto added. Slavery, for example, “isn’t uniquely American. It was virtually everywhere.”

Over 80% of Americans think we are headed in the wrong direction, this lady nails it. What are you doing to fix it?

22 thoughts on “Unit 5 and Social Studies

  1. My question is sorta off topic, but not really in the long view. It is, ‘why do leftist want to destroy America? And bite the hand that feeds them? Why are they blind to the good that White Europeans have brought to the world, and just see the bad? Why is this “White racist country” the only place on earth the needs a wall to jeep people OUT?!!?


    1. @Curious
      Everyone has a set of moralities that they’ve learned to value. Those moralities guide everyday decisions about actions and desires and interactions with others. Successful societies abide by those social moralities, and a sense of trust is built up between citizens.
      Leftists have grown up to value only a subset of the social moralities. Where they rule trust is minimized. So you see the large leftist cities and states falling apart. You see them make decisions that make no sense, you see them act in ways that you know are destructive or say things that appear to be foolish. Mostly you see them support things that you know are short sighted, that don’t consider all of the ramifications.
      Leftists aren’t dumb or purposefully vindictive just for the sake of meanness. they are following their form of morality and that is why they are so adamant about what they believe . Just like you or I are equally adamant about our beliefs.
      They focus mostly on the moralities of caring and fairness, which is good but without the rest of the social moralities their communities crumble. Other people want to avoid them because they can not trust them.
      So when you talk to a leftist keep that in mind. Keep in mind that they want to be good, they are fighting for a better world, but they don’t know how.


      1. Diane,
        Yes, the “collective good” or socialism amplifies the moralities of caring and fairness. (as leftist see it) That’s why the democrats have let socialism become an acceptable part of their party But because socialism doesn’t consider how we treat each other under the rest of the moralities of authority, liberty, sanctity and loyalty it becomes perverted and destructive to a free, functioning society. In the end caring and fairness *by themselves* without considering all morality is neither caring nor fair.

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  2. go to the website https://www.illinoiscivics.org/standards/anti-racist-classrooms/ …read the toolkits…doesnt take long to see this jibberish:
    “A culturally relevant teacher is…someone who understands that we’re operating in a fundamentally inequitable system.”
    well of course a liberal indoctrinated “researcher” is going to say this feeling slighted their whole life that someone owes them something after graduating high school. waste of time and money but district 5 is better at that than real teaching. parents of D5 should be irate. the system isnt inequitable, its becoming that way but for the opposite groups who they mention. maybe not mentioning it at all? funny they always blame someone else. typical.

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    1. Dontdrinkthekoolaid
      The big question that I don’t think they ever answer is how do you fix inequity?
      They won’t answer that because it requires denying equality.

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      1. @FROMHERE
        YES, I know you’re absolutely correct. A couple years back I read a book that told of the different, I believe there are five, tenants that make up ones moral fiber. If memory serves they placed a measured value on each trait. Liberals rated the collective and emotional traits very high and the individual self determining traits low You are 100% on. I still can’t abide what they’re doing even if they mean well!!!!!!Gosh, wish I could remember the title.


      1. Yes! I know a friend who’s son married a girl that came from a very conservative family and ended up a super leftist after 4 years of college “education”.
        And to think that now they are pushing their morality on 3rd graders! But of course! It worked so well in the universities they naturally came to the conclusion that they should start in grade school. Wouldn’t you if you were convinced you were doing good?

        Their morality (what they base their actions on) tells them that what they are doing is for the good of the kids and the nation. They really mean good. Nothing anyone can say should dissuade a person from doing what they feel is right. That kind of attitude is actually valued in our society.

        We have to start thinking about them and talking to them with that in mind because if we don’t we jump to the conclusion that they are either ignorant or bad, people who’s intention is to mislead our kids and nation. The conversation then turns into a head butting contest and real communication stops dead in its tracks. I confess, I need to do this more for sure.

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        1. I know you’re right FROMHERE, but it’s sooo hard to communicate with someone that refuses to consider the conservative point if view. If they would ….my oh my….we’d convince them! Compromise seems to be a one way street though. Reaching across the isle just means altering OUR position. I can’t recall the last time I had a fruitful conversation with a liberal. They either clam up or raise the volume. I’m at a loss.


            1. Okay, moving on…..BUT what do we do with these entrenched rabid liberals?? Re-education camps? Work camps? Can we just ignore them to influence our five year olds? To run cities and states and influential media? The statis quo is being stretched a bit thin don’t you think?


                1. Gotcha and agree 100%, sooo a bit of social exorcism ……. I know we are to wait for Him to take care of it all but what if he’s too busy? (-:
                  Just funnin’, … mostly.


    It is hard and I’m certainly no expert at it but it’s worth a try I think. Find some common ground early in the discussion and go from there.
    Common ground might be – both of us agree that we want the best for our country and kids, correct?

    If they say yes then go from there. It may turn into a sane discussion at the least.

    I don’t know. We have to try something else. It’s draining to just keep shouting back and forth. I know for me it is.

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  4. I haven’t much to add to the above discussion except this – “Hub” is another watch word – the Left uses it a LOT be wary of anything that has the word “hub” in it it’s usually leftist connected in some way, unless it’s a hub of a wheel or a hubcap. They think it makes them sound “folksy” I guess.

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