More Weeds!

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal has a park off Constitution Trail called Rosa Parks.

Below is what the flowerbed around the sign looks like: (h/t a reader)

Those are all weeds, no flowers. Evidently Normal has money to build things, no money to maintain them.

Government, either:

  • quit constructing things in a way that requires lots of maintenance
  • do the maintenance

I have a ton of flowerbeds on purpose. There are ways to grow that doesn’t require constant weeding.

Normal has to horticulturists on staff earning a combined over $200,000 a year. Ask them how.

Below are pics from Rollingbrook Park in Bloomington over Memorial Day weekend.

h/t a different reader

This is the same park where hundred of thousands of dollars were spent creating:



Maybe Parks & Rec took a long weekend.

13 thoughts on “More Weeds!

  1. Priorities, Diane! I’m sure the taxpayer-funded maintenance people have some gardening to do at Chris’s and Pam’s houses before they can get to the public spaces. That’s normally how it works, so to speak.

      1. The town shovels the snow in front of Koos’ bike shop. As you pointed out recently his business was “carved” out of Uptown removing their excuse to say it is a part of Uptown. Using town staff for the mayor’s and Pam’s personal work may be illegal, but that has not stopped them from doing it anyway. Hell the mayor’s bike club stores their trailers on town property for free while the taxpayers who paid for the property have to pay for storage.

      2. Everyone should have driven past Tom Hamilton’s house a time or two when he was Bloomington City Manager. City crews were always dumping gravel, dirt and mulch in his driveway for personal use. He knew nothing was ever going to happen to him whether he got called on it or not.

  2. A bit off topic, but not really. I had to be in Champaign last week and took my bicycle there to Mr. Kohlmann’s shop for a tune-up and new tires. Such a pleasant experience, so reasonably priced, such good service. Worth the trip!

      1. Has anyone reached out to the parks depts? Had some lighting issues on my street and alley earlier this year. Let Ameren and city know via email/app/website. Within 1 day Ameren fixed alley light and within 2 days street lights fixed by city.

  3. So, $100,000 a year is the average for the people who are supposed to either do or oversee the doing of these things, nice work if you can get it – well, that’s one problem right there. How about a “youth program” they like “youth programs” since they can also be utilized as indoctrination centers, to do the actual work of weeding and replanting then keeping those areas maintained, it would be a learning/work experience and they could pay them as well, oh wait, there’s actual work involved, never-mind…they’d never go for it, and it would entail more than just like one 2 hour session. I wonder what the “city” would do if actual citizens/peasants went out and got it started for them? Oh I know, they would likely be fined or otherwise punished if they didn’t apply for all of the proper permits and other bureaucratic crap that the city finds so necessary and of course “bring it before the council” first. It might seem petty to some to even remark on such things as weeds in flowerbeds and stuff growing out of the area surrounding tennis courts, but they are indicative of the general attitude and mismanagement that we suffer under and pay for

  4. @ Jason Smith:
    I live behind Harmony (Rollingbrook) Park. This is an on going issues. We have been there 8 years now and have had to call/email/send pictures each year. I understand staffing, weather, and that it is a large park. However, when a citizen would be fined for their yard looking like this, it is a bit hypocritical. Also, we love the park. It is a wonderful extension of our home/yard and neighborhood. But when the grass is belly high on my toddlers, it becomes a safety issue. Also, you expect (or at least I do) the parks and whatnot to look spiffy on holiday weekends due to the number of visitors to the area. The money that has been put into the play ground, pickleball court and park in general is generous to say the least. The city needs to do a better job. Hire temps, outsource it. Do whatever it takes.

  5. Just to clarify, the inclusive play ground at Rollingbrook Park was primarily (66%) paid for through fund-raising efforts of two families who have children with disabilities. Having said that, yes, the Parks Department could and should do a better job maintaining the 40 parks in Bloomington.

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