Pam Reece Insubordination?

By: Diane Benjamin

The Council meeting below is from 11/2/2020. Mayor Chris Koos states for the record Town policy is to refer any violations of Pritzker’s Executive Orders to the Health Department. He does not say the police will be sent to investigate because he knows no laws are being broken.

Just hit play, it should start around 37:50.

The City Manager answers to the Council and is their only employee.

Mr. Mayor:

Why did your only employee violate your policy and send the police:

The police were sent 10 minutes later, see the email in this story:

Do you make policy Mr. Mayor or does Pam Reece? Did she send police to the other establishments listed too?

The Trustees are supposedly the Board of Directors, but when did they vote? Look at the Zoom photo, Pam Reece was present and heard you say “referred to the Health Department”: Did she declare herself ultimate ruler to enforce HER policy instead of yours? Reece used taxpayer dollars to harass a local business, is that okay Council?

Is Pam Reece running her own shadow government?

Unelected Pam gets to make policy instead of the people actually elected to make policy?

I asked Pam Reece how she knew Maggie Miley’s was violating the rules. This was her response:

I then asked her if she was notified by phone or email so I could FOIA it. No response so far.

Pam Reece’s contract expires in March of 2021. Hopefully she has resumes out or is planning to retire.

14 thoughts on “Pam Reece Insubordination?

  1. Soon the Plot Against America will be fully exposed, including the COVID hoax (which was a critical and evil component) — and minions like Pritzker along with his creepy little soldiers like Renner and Pam Reece will be exposed for what they are. They should just come clean now before the hammer of justice comes down on them…but bully-cowards are never likely to do the right or smart thing.

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    1. There is no way to delay the trouble coming every day to these cretins and Democratic criminals across the nation.

      And yes we want jail time for them and if they are found guilty of treason we want that penalty applied as well.

      Thanks to the Age of Information the people KNOW what is going on now. The mainstream media and the Tech Giants think they can control the information reaching the American People.

      They can’t. The Jeanie is out of the bottle and he is not going back in. And the communist hacks that are currently running our towns and our state will soon be gone.


  2. WOW!!! Pam has some explaining to do. She is clearly can’t claim ignorance of the Mayor’s policy. But I have no confidence that Koos and her bobble head council will ever hold her accountable. Nord may ask but the rest will blindly defend their Queen.

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  3. Lawl, almost a quarter of a million dollars per year, and instead of managing, you get a kindergarten playground tattletale. When did people become such busybodies? Why do so many people care so much about what someone else is doing? How did people get so damn nosy?

    The easiest thing to do in situations like these is to mind your own damn business and realize you have no control over others’ behavior.

    I hope the citizens of Normal are happy with their investment, because a quarter of a million dollars per year for a non-elected official is completely bonkers.

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  4. soooooo just how long were koos unenforcible powers for? i thought it was 72 hours. either way, without a warrant police cant step foot on private property unless requested to do so by the owners

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    1. 1) Let’s try not to focus too much on the police – they may or may not be acting inappropriately, but they are not the root of the problem.
      2) If a business is open to the public, the police are still part of that public, so they can enter. If they are asked to leave and refuse to do so without some basis, I think they’re technically trespassing, but who’s going to charge and prosecute them?
      3) Having done some recent reading of town ordinances, they sort of can enter if they are doing so at the direction of the mayor / liquor commissioner and the business has a liquor license. Only ‘sort of’ because yes, they can still refuse entry, but the mayor then has a legitimate basis to pull their liquor license, which is often the most profitable portion of a business.


  5. Popcorn alert!!! Can’t to watch the $hit show.

    Pam’s contract will renew 1 month before the election. If her contract is extended, then this question is a must ask debate question for all incumbents. The question: Normal was chartered to have a representative form of government. Explain your decision why it is acceptable for non-elected staff to blatantly ignore policy decisions of elected representatives and by extension the will of the people.

    I would be shocked if WGLT, Pantagraph or the League of Women’s voters would dare ask this question.

    I expect the new PR manager will be put to task to figure out how they should best answer. Which is illegal, but as Pam shows us laws and policies don’t matter to Queen Pam and King Koos.

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  6. Why does that scumbag Ms Cummings not stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance but instead place a black card in front of her camera. Is she even American?


  7. Cummings SHOULD be tried for crimes against AMERICA, and HUNG! As for PAM, the wonderful “scowl” on her face says volumes. koos has put these knuckleheads in a position of “authority” and now he can’t control the playground/

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